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Swansea Folk/indie Ceilidh Band


Lively, traditional and contemporary Folk from South Wales. Cracking arrangements and original songs and lyrics combined with random acts of humour and satire




Behind the Music


(From left to right)


One day whilst sipping a cup of Costa coffee in Mumbles, Jacqueline innocently mentioned to Claire that she used to play violin in an orchestra.  Scarcely had she drained her cup before the fiddle had been retrieved from the attic and she was part of the crew.  And what a talent has been dusted off and honed.  Originally a purely classical player, our “Criddle the Fiddle” has fully embraced her inner folk diva and knocks out steaming jigs and reels with the best of ‘em !


Lisa, our singer songwriter and rhythm guitarist, grew up on a diet of folk sessions, busking and trad jazz, and although obliged to study science and get a “proper job”, she has been singing, songwriting and performing in public for over 40 years. Lisa has a wonderful gift for writing contemporary verse, and her songs delight audiences with her insightful social commentary and generous helpings of humour, and she writes a bloomin’ good tune too!


After years of lugging keyboards and PA equipment into far flung venues around South Wales, Claire has swapped playing keys and synth in party bands, for whistle, fiddle and bodhran, and occasionally can be coaxed to bring out her treasured cello.  As well as performing and singing, Claire is our creative force, writing everything from trad style folk music to jazz and ska.  Her stunning arrangements and lively melodies are an inspiration for the band and our audiences.


Mary thought that she would spend her retirement playing the organ, exercising her phenomenal mass catering skills and taking part in charity bike rides.  But after three bike rides (Cuba, Jordan and China….. almost local really), she was subverted by Coppercaillie who press ganged her superb accordion skills into service.  She is now our treasured Orpheus of the off-beat.


Free spirited multi-instrumentalist Mags, is a music animateur and piano tutor, whose inspirational rhythms keep the band together.  Whistle, bodhran, accordion, steel drums, full kit, or indeed a 10 gallon oil drum and pair of spoons - she can get a tune out of anything!  She also sings with the band and contributes beautiful melodic arrangements for some of our original songs.


Our very own Indiana Jones, Pete has travelled to the ends of the earth, climbed its highest mountain, plumbed its deepest depths, come face to face with lions, sharks and vicious ticks, and now he faces his biggest, most intimidating challenge yet  - being the token male in an all female Ceilidh band.  He came with his pride and joy, his 100 year old double bass, which he has now traded in for a younger, skinnier model, and his bass lines are smokin’!


With Irish ancestors and over 40 years of ace accordion playing, “Bevan the Box” was always destined to play Ceilidh.  She leads the band with humour and flair, embracing every style of music with lightening fingers and a soul for jazz.  When not playing music, she loves writing sketches, short stories and volunteering.  She is also Coppercaillie’s quartermaster, head barista and bikkie provider.


Mi’chal would have turned up in her Tag Rugby shorts and socks with her Ref’s whistle in hand, if it hadn’t been for her upbringing of family ceilidh’s and barn dances.  Luckily for us, Mi’chal’s fond memories of Ceilidhs as a child and her love of music and dance, has meant that she is as happy Calling Ceilidh dances as she is refereeing her ladies rugby team.  With bags of enthusiasm and energy, Mi’chal makes the evening an enjoyable and memorable one for everyone.


Want to learn more about Coppercaillie - Swansea Folk/indie Ceilidh Band, their music, and their tour dates? Don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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